Outpatient (OP)

Outpatient (OP)

In addition to our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), New Beginnings Lake Charles offers an Outpatient Program (OP). Like our Inpatient Program, outpatient treatment focuses on helping the individual abstain from using drugs and alcohol for the rest of their lives. This long-term goal is achieved in a variety of ways within our OP.

Our Outpatient Program (OP) serves as an effective step-down program after one successfully completes our Intensive Outpatient Program. Once one has graduated from the IOP, they will need to demonstrate the willingness to be an active participant in their recovery plan. The Outpatient Program at New Beginnings Lake Charles helps patients work towards recovery while maintaining much of their daily life. Individuals can address substance abuse issues without having to step away from work or family life, allowing them to maintain a job or attend school. Before entering our OP, it is vital that one has a strong support system since outpatient does not provide the same level of accountability that one has while in an inpatient program.

New Beginnings Lake Charles offers a supportive environment where our OP patients are able to maintain a new, healthy and sober life through our holistic approach to treatment. Patients should expect to participate in individual and group therapy a minimum of 3 hours a week. Throughout the duration of the outpatient program, patients will have access to personal counseling, medical care, and regular support group meetings.

Since everyone progresses at different rates there is no set length of treatment. Our program runs between 1-3 months or longer. It is recommended that patients participation is for at least 90 days. Based on one's recovery progress, the length of outpatient treatment can be extended, following ongoing evaluation and further recommendation from our Clinical Team.

There are multiple types of substance use disorder treatment available. Our expert Clinical Team can determine the level of care that is right for you so you can reach your recovery goals.

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