Intensive Family

Intensive Family

Addiction is a family disease. It not only affects the one suffering from addiction, it impacts the entire family system. When one member of the family struggles with a substance use disorder, everyone suffers. Family members blame themselves; they feel shame, guilt and remorse as they attempt to cover up the family condition. The actions of the addict impact all of his or her loved ones and close friends, and it is often necessary for these individuals to get help as well. A family program for addiction is very important for families struggling with the drug problem or alcoholism of a loved one.

Here at New Beginnings Lake Charles we believe that a family who receives help can become the most important source of encouragement and support to the recovering addict. Addiction therapy and family counseling sessions can help everyone involved learn about the disease of addiction and the different ways that family members are affected. It also helps family members to realize they are dealing with a condition that they did not cause nor can they cure.

New Beginnings Lake Charles Family Program provides family members the opportunity, through both education and support, to begin their own journey of healing and recovery from the challenges brought on by addiction.

Our Family Program addresses two aspects of addiction. The first focuses on the personal issues family members have encountered because of the addiction. They may have experienced abuse-physical and emotional-and have feelings of guilt, shame, and anger. Family therapy gives them the opportunity to work through these issues and begin their own healing process.

The second facet of addiction addressed by family therapy focuses on dysfunctional relationships within the family structure that can enable the addiction to continue. Families may provide a safety net or financial support that allows the addict to continue using. They may ignore the problem or keep it a secret to avoid public embarrassment and the stigma of addiction. These types of behaviors are known as codependency. Overcoming codependency can contribute to the success of the addict in recovery.

The primary goal for our Family Program is to give the families the knowledge and tools to rebuild pieces of their relationships including trust, boundaries and communication so that they can create a new and happy life together using healthy boundaries and safe communication.

  • Our Family Program includes;
  • Family therapy sessions (as clinically appropriate)
  • Working through family dysfunction, disagreements and related issues
  • Approved therapeutic visitations in a safe and supportive environment
  • Helping families understand the disease model of addiction
  • Education about family disease, family roles, trauma and family healing
  • Resources for family members to get the help they need to live a healthy, fulfilling life both individually and as part of the family system
  • Group exercises to strengthen participants' understanding of educational material
  • Increasing healthy family communication patterns, with emphasis on assertive, specific communication without emotion as the most effective way to resolve conflict
  • Development of an aftercare plan for the patient and family including targeting primary family issues we can tackle and begin resolving during a client's stay and introducing clients and family members to additional areas they can continue working on after the client leaves residential care
  • Encouraging continued family therapy after the client leaves residential care

With care and support, your family can work through the hardships you've experienced, understand how to set healthy boundaries, and begin to rebuild a trusting relationship with your loved one.

For more detailed information about our Family Program, please call us!