Our Inpatient Program is the first step after medical detox. Once patients are medically cleared and physical withdrawal symptoms have stabilized, they can now enter an inpatient program. New Beginnings Lake Charles helps patients transition from our sub-acute medical detox program into our residential program.

Our Inpatient program is a good option for those struggling with a substance use disorder who need a closely monitored and structured environment that provides the stability and safety they need to move forward. Typically, our Inpatient Program consists of a 30-day stay. However, the patients' length of stay may vary according to their initial and ongoing assessment.

While participating in our Inpatient Program, our Clinical Team educates patients on the disease of addiction and the understanding of the challenges they may encounter during recovery.

During their treatment, patients take part in:

All these forms of therapy are used in combination to provide the patient with several venues of expression and healing.

New Beginnings Lake Charles is a nurturing community where patients can learn to trust again and to acquire the skills essential to establishing and maintaining a happy and healthy life free from addiction.

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