Sub-acute medical detoxification is our highest level of care and is the critical first step in the recovery process. It involves round-the-clock medical monitoring of the withdrawal process. When the body is dependent upon drugs and alcohol, both physically and psychologically, that dependence must be broken before one can begin on the path to a new life.

At New Beginnings Lake Charles, we structure our medical detoxification program with patient comfort, safety and privacy in mind. Patients spend the detox period which varies and can be up to 14 days in the supervision of our experienced medical staff. We medically monitor our patients 24/7 to ensure a comfortable and supportive detox process.

Our medical detoxification program is overseen by our medical team, which includes physicians and nursing staff. These specialists provide the most advanced detoxification available, using appropriate medical protocols to minimize the effects of withdrawal. For the safety of our patients, all medications are kept in a secure location that remains locked at all times. Patients receive appropriate detox medications as prescribed by our Medical Director

Detox alone cannot ensure lasting sobriety. After the medical detoxification is complete, the patient is sober, but does not have the tools to sustain that sobriety. The real work begins in an alcohol and drug program, after detox has taken place. New Beginnings Lake Charles is here to help our patients throughout the continuum of care starting with detox through aftercare/continuing care.

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