Treating someone for a substance use disorder is a lengthy and involved process. There are many barriers have that to be broken down, and they have to be broken down with care and insight. That is why before treatment even begins, our Clinical Team needs to know as much about the individual as possible. It is important to understand what to expect from the intake and assessment process.

One of our Admissions Specialists will be your primary point of contact to guide you and your family throughout the pre-admissions process. He/she will speak with you as a potential patient to go over all necessary details and information about insurance and payment. When this step has been completed, an Admissions Specialist will lead you through the assessment process.

The assessment process refers to an interview that takes place when an individual inquires about entering a treatment facility for alcohol and/or drug addiction. A qualified member of the New Beginnings Lake Charles Staff will ask the individual a number of questions about precipitating events; mental health history; substance use and medical history; the family structure and issues, legal history, career and education; your current therapist and physicians; and contact information. All of this information is collected so that our Clinical and Medical Team can determine if our programs can meet your specific needs. Once you or your loved one has agreed to treatment at New Beginnings Lake Charles, it’s time to consider an admission date and time. Admission may be scheduled 24/7. Emergencies are accommodated.

It’s not unusual for the person suffering from addiction to feel resistant to the idea of treatment. In these circumstances, the individuals family and friends may look to an Interventionist for help. New Beginnings Lake Charles works with a number of Interventionist and can help connect you with a professional Interventionist.

Choosing a treatment center is an important decision. New Beginnings Lake Charles welcomes you and your family members to meet us in person to tour our center and get to know our staff prior to committing to treatment. If you are interested in taking a tour and meeting our staff, please contact an Admissions Specialists to schedule a date and time.