Alumni Association

Alumni Association

At New Beginnings Lake Charles, we recognize that recovery is a lifelong journey. For most our patients, that journey often begins with inpatient, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient care, but the journey does not end when a patient discharges.

Because relapse is a risk after one leaves the program, we encourage the patients to stay connected to our staff and others they met during their stay with us. When our patients complete treatment, they will join a community of alumni who are committed to lifelong sobriety. The New Beginnings Lake Charles Alumni Association is dedicated to helping patients make the transition from treatment to the recovery community and to support all patients, family and friends in their ongoing recovery.

Part of our Alumni Program is social, and part of it consists of relapse prevention group activities that are peer designed and staff supported. Each monthly meeting is a bit of both. We have designed our alumni program to provide support to members and also to help them get involved with positive activities in the community. Our alumni group plan outings to help you learn to have fun without substances. You will also be able to take an active part in the planning and participation in community volunteer activities. You’ll continue learning to enjoy your life healthy and sober.

Our Alumni Program includes a number of components, including the following:

Alumni Annual Picnic:
Every year, alumni, family and friends all gather to celebrate our progress towards recovery. This is a time for individuals to reconnect with each other and reestablish contact with the place where many of their recovery journeys began.

Quarterly Newsletter:
An e-newsletter is published quarterly providing updated information on recovery issues and the goings on at New Beginnings Lake Charles.

Social Media:
Our Alumni are scattered across the country, so our Facebook page is a place where alumni far and near can remain connected with each other and the goings-on at New Beginnings Lake Charles. Our Facebook page, updated weekly, provides a common forum for alumni to gather and discuss their treatment struggles and victories, thoughts about recovery, and even the occasional funny picture they found online. We also operate an Alumni-Only private Facebook group for alumni to seek confidential support from each other and share their setbacks and successes in a more intimate space.

Connect Program:
We recognize that transition out of treatment can be a difficult process, so we have designed the connect program to make patients’ transitions easier. Losing the structured treatment environment, losing connections with others who are committed to recovery, and returning to an often-stressful world can all feel like overwhelming challenges to overcome, but the caring alumni of our Alumni Association are dedicated to helping each person face and overcome the challenges that can come during the initial few weeks after treatment ends.
In addition, the Alumni Association coordinates the following:

  • Guest speakers throughout the year who address a variety of recovery topics
  • Facilitation of connections with other alumni throughout the country
  • Addiction education groups on a number of topics including relapse prevention, triggers, 12 steps and more
  • Support for family members through access to alumni support groups and phone calls

As a member of the New Beginnings Lake Charles Alumni Association, you will always have numbers to call and people to turn to who understand that the transition home or into a new life of sobriety isn’t always easy. The end of treatment is only the beginning of a life free from the restraints of substance abuse.

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