Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

There are several stages of alcoholism. At its most severe, the effects of drinking result in a total loss of control. Consumption begins earlier in the day and jobs become impossible to maintain. The “shakes”, impaired thinking, and increased tolerance for alcohol can lead to a dependent state that may lead to addiction.

The over-consumption of alcohol can cause blurred vision, slurred speech, slow reaction times, trouble with balance, and temporary memory loss. Alcohol affects the brain by altering the neurotransmitters that slow down control thought process, behavior and emotions functions. At the same time, alcohol increases the amount of dopamine in the brain. This combination creates a cocktail that is both a depressant and a stimulant.

Once addicted, the symptoms manifest themselves in irritability, aggression, poor concentration, depression, denial, anxiety, and sleep problems. The psychological effects of the disease can be severely debilitating. With continued alcohol use these effects can deteriorate one’s emotional health even leading to mental illness.

Alcohol addiction may cause diseases that affect the central nervous system, internal organs and the cardiovascular system. Such diseases can include: cirrhosis, dementia, cancer, seizures, gout, high blood pressure, nerve damage, pancreatitis and a compromised immune system.

In the hands of our specialized professional staff, New Beginnings Lake Charles provides the means to recover from alcoholism and pave the way for a healthy future. Relationships with family and friends will flourish once again. Freedom from addiction is the most important step towards a fulfilling life.

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