Recovery is a process, not an event and continuing care is instrumental in that process of putting our substance use disorders (SUD's) and co-occurring issues in remission.

Continuing to work towards recovery after successfully completing treatment is the most important step towards attaining lifelong sobriety. At New Beginnings Lake Charles, we recognize that recovery is a challenging process and that the healing path does not end at the conclusion of treatment. For this reason, we offer continuing care services for graduates of our programs and patients from other treatment facilities who have completed primary treatment and wish to relocate or return to home environments.

Upon admission, our clinical staff initiates an extensive continuing care planning process which continues through discharge to ensure a seamless transition from inpatient treatment to a less restrictive level of care or return to the community. This planning process provides accountability, establishes support systems, guides family recovery, and helps to re-define relational roles along the way. A week prior to discharge, all patients receive his/her personalized continuing care plan which typically includes one or more of the following: outpatient services, medication-assisted treatment, supportive housing, community-based resources, and other levels of care based on individual needs.

While participating in a treatment program, individuals in recovery learn skills and acquire tools to help avoid using drugs and alcohol. It takes both perseverance and commitment to establish these skills and healthy habits that will become lifelong practices. Although addiction may go into remission, it is a chronic condition. Those individuals who have struggled with SUD's need to remain vigilant and find sources of ongoing support. The New Beginnings Lake Charles Aftercare/Continuing Care Program is a vital tool to helping individuals in recovery stay the course and remain abstinent.

Our program is a weekly 1 hour adult outpatient program that helps patients overcome challenges, cope with stress and explore ways to continue developing a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This is achieved by offering a forum for individuals in recovery to share their experiences, to explore challenges, to celebrate, to laugh with each other and to provide sober support and fellowship to others walking a similar path. The patients practice giving and receiving advice and form bonds that can help them through all life's challenges. Patients may participate in the Aftercare Group for months or years post-treatment.

The Aftercare/Continuing Care Program is an essential continuation of the treatment process. Our Treatment Team has years of experience working with a variety of patients and their families regarding multiple issues involving SUD's, mental health disorders, problematic relationships, and emotional difficulties. The continuing care planning process takes all of these needs into consideration to adopt an individualized, strength-based, and family centered approach.

New Beginnings Lake Charles Aftercare/Continuing Care Program provides one-on-one, personal counseling and mentorship along with other components:

  • Individual/group treatment plans
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Family participation
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Aftercare peer lead support groups
  • Sobriety maintenance and 12 step participation support
  • Random supervised urine drug tests
  • Referral information and assistance
  • Transition planning

Our Aftercare/Continuing Care Program is an excellent resource for those new to recovery, as well as family and friends. It is a great place to begin integrating recovery into one's daily life at home and to learn pertinent information about local AA, NA and Al-Anon support groups.

The New Beginnings Lake Charles staff is here for you! We are committed to providing the support and resources that will give our patients and alumni the best chances for a lifelong recovery.

To learn more about our Aftercare/Continuing Care Program, please call today!